Solar PV Consulting:


Reduced Energy Costs

Solar provides an average of 50-70% reduction in monthly electricity costs for the life of the installation.

Tax Credits

In addition to potential local & state credits, Federal credits affords dollar for dollar credits against a portion of the Solar PV cost

Return on Investment

Solar PV systems provide ROI through increasing property value and reducing expenditures.

Installation ease

Solar PV systems can be installed on new or existing structures and infrastructure in addition to being ground mounted.

What are the benefits of Solar PV Systems?

What are the benefits of Solar PV Systems?

Solar is an Investment

With typical monthly cost reductions of 50-70%; Solar PV System installations are designed to optimize your reduction in electricity costs
without unnecessarily generating excessive electricity which you would not be able to enjoy. Optimal solar PV systems will be customized to account for 60-80% of your current kwh (Kilowatt hour) usage.

Well Planned Installations

Solar PV installations can be placed on existing structures and/or infrastructure, such are parking facilities. As well, systems are a perfect fit for ground and new construction.

Modern solar panels provide lengthy manufacturer warranties which are typically honored for at least 20 years beyond purchase. As well, those warranties are transferrable.

About Hoss Solar

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Hoss Solar brings a partnership of large-scale energy management experience with technical, renewable energy engineering expertise partnered with solar PV installation companies who design, install, and help proliferate solar PV renewable energy systems. Hoss Solar is a member of the Solar Energy Industries Association, and is focused on development of commercial-scale solar PV projects in Texas. The Hoss Solar team not only relies on its own experience but partners with the most experienced solar installation teams to handle any and all solar PV projects.

Hoss Solar assists and consults to help provide the following:

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